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Why did I choose to draw these wheels against the fence- I've been pondering over this question for days. I remember feeling immediately drawn to this arrangement. There was the sheer challenge of it, but there was something else... intangible and I couldn't locate it. I was impatient to find out, so I started on a 12X16 pastel support right away.

From the perspective of the owner the fence was old and in urgent need of repair . To the artist the rusty, mossy fence presents a perfect subject. If the fence was new and neat, it would be boring. If the owner had collected identical tires and perfect wheels that would not even attract a photo!

As I went along the painting I got more and more inspired to imagine and render strokes that would define a fence, colors that could capture the light, and patterns that would define the shadows.

It was all about discovering the intangible in the process of interpreting the subject. It is a little like self discovery. The magic is in the…

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